Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day

Bryanna, Ava, and Mileigha all participated in Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day last week! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us and telling us about your day. Your gift cards and piggy banks are in the mail!

Bryanna went to work with her mom at Joni and Friends Ohio. Her mom is the Church Relations Manager, working to help churches with disability programs and access, so they can support people with disabilities and let them know about God.

Ava spent the day with her Nanny who is the director of nursing at a nursing home. She is now excited about the idea of working in this field!

Mileigha’s mom took her to work at the pregnancy center where she was able to help with errands and paperwork. As a 6 year old, it gave her a lot to think about in terms of what she wants to do when she grows up.