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District Office

6954 Americana Parkway Suite B Reynoldsburg , OH 43068 United States

Phone: 614.501.9473

Fax: 614.386.1560

Text: 740.919.6658

Staff Contact Information

Jeff Nelson Title: Superintendent Phone: 614.501.2042
Ruth Teeters Title: Assistant Superintendent and K-8 Principal Phone: 614.501.2003
Denny Hammond Title: High School Principal Phone: 614.501.2027
Stacey Adkins Title: IEP Coordinator Phone: 614.501.2004
Daryl Albrecht Title: Board of Education President Phone: 614.906.8710
Shane Allen Title: Treasurer Phone: 614.501.2068
Heidi Anderson Title: Teacher - HS Language Arts III & IV Phone: 614.981.2231 Visit Heidi Anderson's Website
Donna Baker Title: Reading Teacher Phone: 614.404.2835
Dan Bise Title: Attendance Coordinator Phone: 614.501.2011
Mary Burcham Title: Board of Education Vice President Phone: 614.204.6634
Jennifer Bushong Title: Administrative Assistant - Treasurer Phone: 614.501.2041
Kim Colvin Title: Teacher - 3rd Grade Phone: 614.981.6234
Lindsay Cuvo Title: Data Records Specialist
Amy Durst Title: Administrative Assistant Enrollment Phone: 614.501.2030
Dianne Eberts Title: Teacher - 2nd Grade Phone: 614.981.2238
Dr. Tom Edwards Title: Family and Student Advocate Coordinator Phone: 614.353.3718
Emily Flynn Title: Teacher - High School Math Phone: 614.981.2247 Visit Emily Flynn's Website
Shane Foglesong Title: Teacher - High School Science Phone: 614.626.9827 Visit Shane Foglesong's Website
Casey Fuchs Title: Adjunct Teacher - Spanish Phone: 614.715.1499
Kara Gogolek Title: IEP District Representative & Intervention Specialist Phone: 614.981.2254
Jeremy Grayem Title: Board of Education Member Phone: 614.296.7268
Carmen Griffith Title: Director of Special Education Phone: 614.800.9200
Annette Harter Title: Intervention Specialist Phone: 614.981.2253 Visit Annette Harter's Website
Leah Hooks Title: Social Media / Communications Coordinator
Luanne Horn Title: Administrative Assistant - Enrollment Phone: 614.501.2022
Charles Ingersoll Title: Teacher -7th & 8th Science Phone: 614.981.2277 Visit Charles Ingersoll's Website
Sara Jouadi Title: Enrollment Specialist Phone: 614.715.1520
Mary Callicoat Title: Intervention Specialist Phone: 614.981.2233 Visit Mary Callicoat's Website
Catherine Kline Title: Administrative Assistant - Enrollment Phone: 866.501.2037
Lauren Lavy Title: Intervention Specialist Phone: 614.981.2246 Visit Lauren Lavy's Website
Lori Lindstadt Title: Administrative Assistant - Digital Academies Phone: 614.501.2040
Christian McCloskey Title: Teacher - High School Social Studies Phone: 614.981.2290 Visit Christian McCloskey's Website
Julie McCullough Title: Teacher - High School Physical Education & Health Phone: 614.981.2473 Visit Julie McCullough's Website
Pamela McFerren Title: Teacher - 6th Grade Phone: 614.981.3108 Visit Pamela McFerren's Website
Jessica Miller-Caughlan Title: Success Site Coordinator Phone: 614.981.4829
Karen Miller Title: Teacher - 7th & 8th Language Arts Phone: 614.981.3441 Visit Karen Miller's Website
Caryn Morgan Title: Teacher - 1st Grade Phone: 614.981.2235
Keren Neff Title: Teacher's Aide for self-contained Sp Ed Classroom Phone: 614.301.1709
Rochelle Nelson Title: Director of Student/Staff Services Phone: 614.501.2026
Walter Nicholes Title: English as a Second Language Instructor Phone: 614.852.7958
Caila Nicol Title: K-12 Administrative Assistant Phone: 614.501.2004
Toni Nijssen Title: Assistant Treasurer Phone: 614.367.1979
Charles Parsons Title: Board of Education Member
Jamie Petry Title: Teacher -7th & 8th Grade Math Phone: 614.981.0173 Visit Jamie Petry's Website
Dr. Ken Prater Title: Teacher - High School Art & Computer Classes Phone: 614.981.0162 Visit Dr. Ken Prater's Website
Caitlyn Prochnow Title: Intervention Specialist Phone: 614.706.8059
John Racki Title: Teacher - High School Math Phone: 614.981.2282
Kaileigh Reeves Title: Intervention Specialist Phone: 614.706.8081
Jim Reynolds Title: Teacher - High School Science Phone: 614.706.8078
Lara Ruby-Gianessi Title: Teacher - Career Technology Phone: 614.706.8153
Jennifer Sherman Title: Director of Digital Academies and Part-Time Services Phone: 614.905.7202
Ulli Simcox Title: Administrative Assistant Phone: 614.501.2008
Jim Slonaker Title: Board of Education Member
Chad Snider Title: Teacher - Middle School Social Studies Phone: 614.981.2279 Visit Chad Snider's Website
Justin Sparks Title: Teacher - High School Language Arts I & II Phone: 614.800.9671 Visit Justin Sparks's Website
Hilary Staten Title: Director of Operations Phone: 614.501.2005
Bryn Stepp Title: Teacher - 4th Grade Phone: 614.800.3397 Visit Bryn Stepp's Website
Kimberly Vipperman Title: Teacher - Kindergarten Phone: 614.981.6244 Visit Kimberly Vipperman's Website
Leigh Wade Title: Teacher - High School Math Phone: 614.915.2113
Daryl Wolfe Title: Director of Information Technology Phone: 614.501.2021
Jay Wollenburg Title: Teacher - 5th Grade Phone: 614.981.2234
Darla Young Title: Teacher - US Government/Economics Phone: 614.701.7586 Visit Darla Young's Website