Lupa & Miah

VCS Ohio’s Mascot is the wolf and we have been sponsoring two wolves, Lupa and Miah, at the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary. We “adopted” them as wolf pups almost a … Read More

March VCS Voice

Explore Ohio with us this spring as we visit the Ohio Statehouse, the Historic Ohio State Reformatory, the Columbus Zoo and so much more! Click Here to view the March … Read More

VCS Talent Show

VCS will be hosting a Talent Show for our students! This May, show us what you can do! Are you a rising comedian or awesome at writing lyrics to create … Read More

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

VCS teachers sent out postcards to students in honor of Absolutely Incredible Kid Day on March 15th. Thank you for being a part of the VCS Wolf Pack! You are all special to us. … Read More

See what everybody is saying

I was able to focus and felt safer than at my previous school.

Christopher Sickon, VCS Graduate

At VCS I was able to focus on my schoolwork and not be distracted. I learned that I could direct my own learning and be successful.

Ashley Castro, VCS Graduate

I can take my computer with me wherever I go, because I compete in a lot of my sports. Being able to not miss school because of it really helps because I was missing a lot of school before.

Maria, VCS 2016 Graduate