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Graduation: Tarik Verasso

Tarik earned his diploma on June 3rd, 2017, despite setbacks and the constant doubts of those around him. His determination to prove them wrong and the dedication of teachers and staff at VCS allowed him to achieve this milestone in his life. We can’t wait to see where your determination will take you next, Tarik!

VCS Graduation 2017

We are so proud of our VCS Class of 2017 graduates, many of whom were able to reach a milestone that they previously thought was impossible! Thanks to our dedicated teaching staff and the flexibility offered at VCS, these students were able to achieve their goals while learning valuable life skills such as time management and efficient communication.
In the words of Dr. Edwards,
“Go forth and be unforgettable!”

We are VCS: The Hope’s

At VCS, we truly care about each of our students and want to see them succeed! Contact us today to set up a plan that is right for your child’s way of learning.

Pathways at VCS

VCS is excited to offer curriculum pathways that will help students explore different occupations, earn college credit, and receive certification!

Elizabeth and Ian Hope

We are VCS!
Elizabeth and Ian Hope joined the VCS Wolfpack after struggling to receive the help Ian needed with his learning disability in his brick-and-mortar school. Ian has become more independent in his studies, trying new things and learning to succeed!

Keep “Summer” in Summer School

We keep the “Summer” in Summer School! Applications for Summer 2017 are being accepted now! 
For more information and a full list of courses offered, visit our website.

Carmen Griffith – Special Education Director

Carmen has seen our Special Education department grow over the past 12 years! If you have questions about how VCS can help your special needs child succeed, contact her at or 614.800.9200.


Are you a VCS student in the Columbus area? Do you need some extra help staying on track? Reach out to Tom Edwards at to join EXCEED!

Sharon & Emily Lott

Sharon Lott has been able to see her daughter Emily grow and succeed at VCS thanks to Mary Callicoat and our wonderful special education staff! Emily is capable of doing things that they never thought would be possible when she attended a brick-and-mortar school. We are so excited to see Emily continue to learn!

A Day in the Life

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a VCS student looks like? Online curriculum isn’t everything. Our students take advantage of many learning opportunities online and offline!

Heidi Anderson

Heidi has been able to watch her students become independent learners thanks to the flexible schedule VCS offers. Learn more about what VCS has meant to her and her family:

VCS Online Orientation

Are you new to VCS? Need a refresher on how everything works? Join Rochelle Nelson on a Tuesday or Thursday morning at 10 am!

Shane Foglesong

Shane Foglesong, VCS High School Science teacher, has been with us for 11 years! Discover why he decided to be a part of the VCS family.

Rochelle Nelson

Get to know VCS!
Rochelle Nelson is VCS Ohio’s Director of Student/Staff Services.

Pam McFerren

Mrs. McFerren is our 6th grade teacher! In her 10 years at VCS she has been able to see students grow and thrive in online learning.

Mary Callicoat

Mary Callicoat has been our Special Education teacher for over 12 years now! Students who were told they could never graduate have been able to complete their education thanks to her dedicated work.
We are VCS!

Lauren Lavy

Lauren Lavy is a High School Intervention Specialist. She wants to remind students that it is ok to ask for help! Grades don’t always come easy.

Julie McCullough

Did you know that you can still take gym at an online school? Coach Mac is our PE and Health teacher. Learn more about her and what she does at VCS!

John Racki

We are so excited to have John Racki with us this year to teach our students Algebra I!

Jessica Caughlan

Jessica Caughlan is our Success Site Coordinator – visiting all of our sites throughout the state of Ohio to ensure that every student at our sites receives the best educational opportunities.

Jeff Nelson

Our Superintendent, Jeff Nelson, started working at VCS 13 years ago as a teacher. He has seen students connecting with teachers, getting an individualized education, and thriving in an online environment. Parents are also able to get more involved in their students’ learning by logging in to their own VCS account to track their child’s progress.

Jay Wollengurg

We are so happy to have Jay Wollenburg as our 5th grade teacher! Get to know more about him in this video.

Emily Flynn

Get to know VCS High School Math teacher, Emily Flynn!
We are VCS!

Chip Ingersoll

Get to know our 7th and 8th grade science teacher, Chip Ingersoll! He goes above and beyond for our students, even when they aren’t in his class.
We Are VCS!

Chad Snider

Get to know our middle school Social Studies teacher: Chad Snider
We are VCS!

School Choice Week 2017

VCS students, staff, and families participated in the National School Choice Week Dance. Thank you for joining us in celebrating the ability to choose the best education options for our kids!

Can YOU Handle Bryan’s Story?

Can you handle Bryan’s story? Bryan Taylor shared his story at our Success Site, ProTeen, in Newark, Ohio where he told students how VCS’ Tom Edwards helped him become a wonderful success story.

Tom Edwards and Bryan Taylor

Tom Edwards and Bryan Taylor shared their stories at our Success Site: ProTeen in Newark, Ohio on January 26th to VCS students and parents!

Guest Speaker!

You don’t want to miss this! Bryan Taylor has overcome unthinkable circumstances to get where he is today. Learn more about how mentoring and finishing his education helped him become a successful adult after living a troubled childhood.

VCS 2016 Graduation

The Class of 2016 graduation took place at Ohio Christian University on Saturday, June 4th.

Ernice Hall

We were able to interview some VCS parents and students at our graduation ceremony on June 4th, 2016! Ernice Hall has two students enrolled at VCS Ohio. See what she has to say about their experiences.


Maria, part of our graduating Class of 2016, chose to switch to VCS to better fit her busy athletic schedule. Taking classes online allowed her to compete in various sports and take her schoolwork with her!

Joseph Campbell

Joseph switched from a public brick and mortar school to VCS in high school. A flexible schedule allowed him to take breaks throughout the day to pursue his hobbies. VCS teachers, including substitute teachers, help students stay on track and graduate on their own timeline.

Matthew Conrad

Mr. Conrad and his wife home schooled their children for 12 years before deciding to enroll their students at VCS. The main draw for them was the ability for their children to take college courses that also count as high school credits through the College Credit Plus program.

Hannah Hupp

Hannah switched to VCS from a brick and mortar school during her senior year of high school so that she could move at her own pace while also working. VCS teachers made sure that Hannah’s transition to online schooling went smoothly and helped her reach her goal of receiving her diploma. Congratulations, Hannah!

Mr. McCloskey

Even though our teachers and students do not see each other in person on a regular basis, there are still many opportunities to make a difference in a student’s life through live online classrooms. Students are able to have a job, raise children, live their lives how they want, and still earn their high school diploma, thanks to the flexibility offered at VCS.

Logan Clark

Logan graduated from VCS in June and is headed to college this fall! His years enrolled at VCS taught him how to schedule his time, something that will help him immensely once he begins college courses.

Virtual Community School of Ohio

What makes VCS stand out? Hear our students, parents, and teachers tell us why they chose Virtual Community School of Ohio as their tuition-free, online, public school education provider. We are VCS!

Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary – Water Sprinkler Fun

Lupa and Miah enjoyed cooling off with the other wolves at Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary, Inc. by playing in the sprinkler! VCS adopted these wolf pups (the two youngest wolves in the video) at the end of last school year. The wolf is VCS Ohio’s mascot.

Beth Edwards

Ms. Edwards is the Education Coordinator at Mended Reeds residential facility.
Click Here to learn more about Beth and Mended Reeds.