You may be asked to fill out the following forms to be provided to VCS:

Internet Reimbursement:  Full time VCS Ohio students who are regularly logging into their courses are eligible to have their internet services reimbursed.  VCS Ohio will reimburse a family up to $50.00 per month, but will NOT reimburse any expenses older than 60 days.  Payments are processed every 9 weeks; beginning on the first day of school.

Change of Address: Have you recently moved?  Let us know so we can update your records! We will need a new proof of residency. Please contact the enrollment department:
Residency Affidavit Form:  Please complete this form and send to our office if you and your family are residing with a friend/relative.
Transitional Living Form: Please complete this form and send to our office.

Withdrawal Form: If you wish to withdraw from VCS Ohio, please complete this form and submit to our office.