Read on to see answers to some of our current families most common questions. If your questions have not been answered here, please Contact Us!

I moved, how do I update my contact information?
Change of Address: Have you recently moved?  Let us know so we can update your records! We will need a new proof of residency. Please contact the enrollment department:
How much time should my student expect to work each day?

The amount of time a student is required to work depends on the student’s efforts, abilities and pace.  On average, students will spend approximately five (5) hours per day on course work.  It is important that parents stay informed of their child’s progress, attendance and assignments by logging into their parent accounts daily.

How do I register for my classes?

Students in grades K-8 will automatically be enrolled in classes based on their grade level. If you are a student in grades 7 or 8 who must be taking an elective in order to be eligible to play school sports or participate in other extra curricular activities at your school district of residence, please contact your principal, Dr. Ruth Teeters. For students in grades 9-12, you may submit your course requests via phone, e-mail, or a Google form that is made available at the end of each school year and throughout the summer that lists the available courses. Students should register with Mrs. DePompei with last name A-M and Mrs. Simcox with last names N-Z. Please be advised that these are only course requests you are submitting and the scheduling counselors will do their best to adhere to them; however, they must schedule students in necessary courses for graduation.


Ruth Teeters –

Kelsey DePompei –

Ulli Simcox –

How do I contact Student Services Center?

The Student Service Center facilitates many aspects of the student’s daily tasks. Specifically, the Help Desk is the primary service to students and families from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily, Monday – Friday. The IT team can remote into a student’s school computer and fix it quickly. You can reach the Student Services Center at 614-501-2021.

How do I have my internet reimbursed?

The Internet Provider (Time Warner, ATT, Wow, etc.) subscribers have to submit their monthly Internet bill to the email: VCS will reimburse up to $50.00 per month, per household. The school reimburses families quarterly, for students in good attendance status.


How do I contact my teacher?

Teachers are available during their office hours either by email, text or phone. Teachers love when their students contact them for help. Find your teacher’s contact information on our Staff page.

How do I get my username/password (both students and parents)?

Once the complete enrollment application is accepted, an automated email will be sent to the email address on the application with your username and password for our Maestro Student Information System (SIS). In addition, a letter will be sent home a few days later with the account credentials. Families may also call the Student Service Center to get their usernames and passwords. 614.501.2021


How do I log offline minutes? What can I include as offline minutes?

Older students and all parents are required to log student “offline” minutes daily. “Offline” minutes are not necessarily offline from the Internet but they are “offline” from the “online” curriculum/course. Supplemental programs like iREADY, Mathspace, IXL, Lexia, BrainPop are all programs that are “online” but outside of the online curriculum/course. “Offline” minutes are all the other learning opportunities students complete during a school day such as, but not limited to, reading a novel, writing a paper, researching, working on a project, collaborating with peers, physcial education requirements, science experiments, field trips, college credit plus, service learning, internships, related services, state testing, etc.


What if I fail a course?

You have as many opportunities as you need as well as other options to get you the help you need to learn and pass the course.


Can I take college classes?

Yes, students in grades 7-12 can participate in College Credit Plus. This is an opportunity for students to earn college credits for free through the state of Ohio. Students must apply and be accepted into a participating college based on their admissions requirements. For more information, Click Here.