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Boosting Online Opportunities for Students Together

Students: Choose a single course, credit recovery, or a summer school course!

Schools: Choose electives, advanced courses, or establish a digital academy!
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How it Works

We customize programs to fit your individual district needs!

Blended School

Online blended schools provide support to all of its member schools. Students enroll at the blended school and earn a diploma. Students attend school at least one full day a week, with opportunities for more in-person help. Students make progress at home online by turning in assignments at least five days per week, meeting the weekly goal. Full-time tutors at the site assist with students individually as well as organizing state tests and additional support. Blended online schools provide the individual attention and support many online students need.


Digital Academy

A Digital Academy, which is a blended school within a school, meets the needs of students who need alternatives to traditional schooling. Students attend morning or afternoon, four days per week. Tutors assist students while in the classroom. Students are able to participate in school-sponsored events, sports, and meal programs. The flexibility of this digital academy allows for students to move at their own pace and achieve success.


Individual Courses

We partner with schools to enhance their course catalog. Some of our sites use our foreign language courses taught by our highly-qualified teachers. They have a language lab and students can choose Spanish, French, or German for their elective. Other sites choose to offer any of our electives to students who would prefer a class to a second study hall. Still yet, other sites offer our courses such as Physics or Health online as a way to better prepare students for their futures and enhance their technology skills.


Summer School

Schools save hundreds of dollars by partnering with us to offer their students summer school opportunities. Students can earn credits to move ahead or catch up on their own schedule. Schools can even set up a meeting time for students to work with tutors.

Summer School

Put the SUMMER back in Summer School!

Take a core, elective or credit recovery online class with us that fits YOUR schedule!

Catch up or get ahead!
Classes begin June 5th and end on July 31st.

Accepting enrollments starting April 1st for Summer classes!

Full credit courses are $249*

Half credit and Credit Recovery courses are only $199*

*VCS students and partner schools are eligible for a discount.

Click Here or on the flyer below for more information and a list of courses offered.

Single Courses

Enroll in a Full-Credit Course!

Enroll in a Half-Credit Course!


Partner with us to offer single course options to your student body.

BOOST the diversity of courses while BOOSTING student success.

Offer courses to whole groups, cohorts or individuals taught by our Ohio-certified teachers.

Credit Recovery

Recapture lost credits with our credit recovery courses. Make up for lost time with courses designed to maximize prior knowledge, while incorporating new information. Credit recovery courses are semester long courses and are $219 per course.

Enroll in a Credit Recovery Course!

Digital Academies


  • Enhance online curriculum for students
    Dedicate trained teachers to deliver curriculum to students with excellence
  • Partner with local mentors at schools to provide support for student success
  • Establish long-term relationships with schools to meet + exceed online instructional needs
  • Empower schools to capture student dollars by providing a comprehensive, online solution!

Start a Pilot

Second semester is a PERFECT time to begin a pilot!

  • Focuses on students struggling
  • Meets at-risk students’ needs
  • Requires minimal cost
  • Implement quick set-up
  • Up and running in a day or two!

Launch TODAY!