FLVS – Florida Virtual

Florida Virtual Curriculum for grades 6 through 12.

Our longest curriculum provider partner, FLVS, is best suited for our teachers to be able to provide an aligned, rigorous online curriculum to our students. “As today’s classroom evolves, teachers remain the true key to student engagement and success. Our products are created to empower your teachers, not replace them.” Teachers have the ability to organize the curriculum and add resources to personalize the course to meet their student’s needs. VCS recognizes that all students are unique and we strive to identify learning needs and preferences that will deliver content in the way your student will learn best.

College Credit Plus

Under College Credit Plus, VCS Ohio has partnerships with several colleges around the state to allow students to earn high school and college credit for the same course. A student participating in College Credit Plus is able to take classes online at the partnering college or university, so students do not have to travel to the college campus. Upon successful completion, the student is able to earn both college credit and high school credit for the course. It is possible for a student to earn up to two years of college credit before graduation from high school. And the best part is these options are FREE to all full-time VCS students who qualify. To qualify, 7th through 12th grade students must have earned a score of 19 on the ACT or successfully passed the Accuplacer college-readiness test which can be administered by VCS Ohio. Qualifying students must also be referred by their VCS guidance counselor. College can be very expensive, so take advantage of this free option!!

VCS has partnerships with the following colleges across Ohio:

Columbus State Community College, Kent State University, Ohio Christian University, Sinclair Community College and Tiffin University

For more information about student eligibility guidelines, reach out to the college you are interested in and read the College and Career Counseling section of our Guidance page.

Our Guidance Counselor, Kelsey DePompei, would be happy to help you navigate this process! You can contact her at: guidance@vcslearn.org

Career Tech Pathways

Are you interested in a career in computers, the medical field, criminal justice, or engineering?  Would you like to get a head start toward a career and have the opportunity to feel connected and engaged in your education?  The Career Tech pathways at VCS Ohio allow students to explore and pursue these different career fields from grades 7-12.  Students will dig a little deeper into the career field of their choice.  They will learn and obtain the skills necessary to be successful in that field.  Students can use it as an exploration opportunity, earn credentials to be job ready right after high school, or earn college credits in high school for free.  Any way you look at it, it is a great opportunity!


Please contact us for any questions and to be considered for this opportunity.  Spots are limited and enrollment is currently open!  For more information, please contact our enrollment department at enrollment@vcslearn.org.

Middle School Staff:

Ruth Teeters Title: Assistant Superintendent and K-8 Principal Phone: 614.501.2003
Annette Harter Title: Intervention Specialist Phone: 614.981.2253 Visit Annette Harter's Website
Charles Ingersoll Title: Teacher -7th & 8th Science Phone: 614.981.2277 Visit Charles Ingersoll's Website
Pamela McFerren Title: Teacher - 6th Grade Phone: 614.981.3108 Visit Pamela McFerren's Website
Karen Miller Title: Teacher - 7th & 8th Language Arts Phone: 614.981.3441 Visit Karen Miller's Website
Jamie Petry Title: Teacher -7th & 8th Grade Math Phone: 614.981.0173 Visit Jamie Petry's Website
Chad Snider Title: Teacher - Middle School Social Studies Phone: 614.981.2279 Visit Chad Snider's Website