Our K – 5th Grade students use Accelerate curriculum.

One of the main reasons we selected this curriculum to meet the needs of our students this year is that it can be personalized by the teacher working with the student each day. In addition, it has a rich Curriculum –
“The Accelerate Education curriculum offers rich and engaging content that has been carefully designed to meet the standards required by states. Students are engaged in a variety of activities and assessments appropriate to the courses being studied, including labs, journals, written assignments, discussions, group and individual projects, formative assessments, objective tests, and written exams.” This curriculum partner provides additional resources that personalize instruction and learning based on the student’s engagement. Teachers use the data from the curriculum to make informed instructional decisions.

Click Here to view Accelerate Course Catalogs for grades K through 5.

Discover what an Accelerate course through VCS Ohio is like with this video of English Language Arts 2.