Virtual Community School of Ohio, Department of Special Education

VCS of Ohio is committed to meeting the needs of every student. This includes students with special needs. Effectively meeting the needs of today’s special education learner requires personalized education, building a relationship with students, keeping in close contact with parents, and developing effective Individual Education Programs.

Parent’s Guide to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) of 2004

Special Education Procedural Safeguards Notice

VCS School District Section 504 Handbook (SARA)

504 Resource Guide

Can a student with special needs attend an online school?

Yes! In fact, our highly qualified, experienced staff, combined with the flexible schedule offered by VCS Ohio, can create an ideal learning environment for students with special needs. Students who find it difficult to attend a traditional brick and mortar school are able to attend school from the comfort and safety of home, on a schedule that works best for them, without distractions.

VCS Ohio provides all necessary services for students with an Individualized Education Program or 504 plan. The VCS Family and Student Handbook 2016-2017 will provide more helpful information on VCS Ohio’s Special Education policies.

How do I know my child with special needs will get a quality education?

VCS Ohio is a fully-licensed, public charter school district in the State of Ohio and operates under the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Education, Office of Exceptional Children. VCS Ohio teachers are licensed by the state of Ohio and are highly qualified in the subject areas that they teach. Additionally, VCS Ohio provides every student with an Intervention Specialist and a Free Appropriate Public Education as outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004. The Special Education Department at VCS Ohio will provide each student with the necessary accommodations and services to ensure student success.

VCS Ohio provides students with all necessary related services, two of which (speech and occupational therapy) are available online, as well as in person. VCS Ohio will provide an individualized education for each child as outlined in their IEP or 504 plan. This includes modifying academic content and/or delivery so that your child’s needs are met.

Do you offer a program for students that are low functioning?

Yes. VCS Ohio provides students with appropriate learning growth targets based on their abilities and needs. Each child will access the curriculum at his or her ability level. In addition, students may focus on functional daily living skills, self-advocacy, social skills, and/or safety and hygiene for increased independence. Students that are non-readers will have access to the Unique Learning System that has a text-to-speech feature. These students will be assigned 1 Intervention Specialist to work with on a daily basis. Instruction will include 1:1 and small group lessons.

Please contact Carmen Griffith, Director of Special Education, for additional information. She can be reached by phone or text at 1-614-800-9200 or via email at